Social Security Disability Claims

Welcome to The Shaw Group

Management Overview

Shaw Management Corporation (SMC) is comprised of motivated, compassionate and talented individuals with backgrounds in government service, the mental health fields, industry and education. The staff has over 25 years of experience in Social Security Disability work.

Our staff is experienced, educated, and skilled in many areas. The area of service that overwhelmingly stands out to our clients time and again is our ability to empathize and strive for faster and more direct ways to obtain benefits for our clients.

Our Chief Executive officer, James R Shaw, M. A., has worked in Social Security law since 1973 and has owned The Shaw Group since 1988. His 12 years experience in adjudicating disability claims for Social Security gave him a unique perspective on Social Security disability. He started his company almost 30 years ago because he wanted disabled individuals to have a better option for representation than many lawyers who do Social Security law is only one of many types of law.

The Shaw Group does one thing and one thing only - Disability!
That is why our motto "Disability is our business - our ONLY business!" is so fitting.

Local - Home Territory

Shaw Management Corporation is located in the Midwest, with our National Headquarters located in Fairview Heights, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. We represent disabled individuals throughout the United States and have clients in over 6,000 cities.