Social Security Disability Federal Court

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Federal District Court Level

If the Appeals Council decides unfavorably for a client, the next level of review is with the court system. In select claims which receive an unfavorable decision from the ALJ, the next level of appeal is also with the court system. If an unfavorable ALJ decision was one that could be appealed to the Appeals Council and it received an unfavorable decision, any appeal would need to be filed in court. Because this can be a very lengthy process, one must be certain that he/she wants to pursue the claim through the court system.

When SMC determines that a claim has merit,
we refer the claim to our Federal Court specialists in New York or Chicago.
If they decide the claim has merit for Federal Court, they will file the appeal.
These law firms have had great success in their Federal Court appeals, however,
this too is a very time-consuming process and there is no guarantee of claim success.