Railroad Retirement Disability FAQs

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If I become disabled, what benefits are provided by Railroad Retirement?

There are two types of disability benefits from Railroad Retirement: (1) occupational and (2) total & permanent. If you have at least 20 years of railroad service and you have a "Current Connection," you may receive benefits if you are unable to work in your regular railroad occupation.

Can I receive Railroad Retirement Disability benefits before I'm 60?

Yes. If you have worked at least 20 years for railroad companies.

Do my Railroad Retirement Benefits change at 60?

No. Occupational disability can begin at 60 if you have less than 20 years of rail service.

Would Railroad Retirement Disability benefits offset Supplemental Disability insurance provided by the railroad?

No. You can still qualify for disability benefits if you are totally disabled for any work and ineligible for an occupational disability.

Disability benefits are calculated the same way as retirement benefits so there is no change when you become 60 or 65.

Supplemental Sickness benefits paid by a railroad or insurance company do not affect Railroad Retirement Disability benefits or Sickness Benefits paid under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Program.