Railroad Retirement Disability

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Instead of Social Security Disability benefits, railroad workers receive Railroad Retirement Disability and Survivor benefits.

The Railroad Retirement Act gives the railroad's disabled and/or retired workers and their families access to the Railroad Retirement Trust Fund. This Trust Fund has a balance of approximately $16.5 billion. Currently 818,000 railroad retirees and heirs receive benefits.

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Railroad Retirement Board Denial

Have you recently received a letter from the RRB stating you are denied? Hurry, you only have 60 days to appeal. There may be a good reason for your denial and it may not be that you are not disabled. Did you apply for a permanent disability annuity or an occupational disability annuity? Was all the paperwork submitted properly? Did you have medical evidence to prove the claim? You may find general conditions entitled to Railroad Retirement Employee Annuity by reading Form G-177. These forms should have been included with your denial.

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The Railroad Retirement Board, which is in charge of distributing the Railroad Retirement Trust Fund, generally makes 'no routine effort' to locate surviving family members or lost employees with railroad service who are not receiving benefits. If you or one of your family members have worked for the railroad industry, you need to contact us immediately to find out if you're eligible to receive Railroad Retirement Disability benefits.