Social Security Disability Compensation Claims

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Superior Case Win Rate

Nationwide, the overall rate of claim awards is lower than before. This certainly can cause great concern for the thousands of disabled individuals who apply for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits.

“The Shaw Group documented my claim so well
that I did not even need to go
before the Administrative Law Judge.
I really appreciated that I didn't
have to go through the stress of
having that hearing.”
— William D., Titusville, Florida

What can an individual do to increase the chances of winning an early decision in a disability claim? Contact The Shaw Group even before applying for benefits. When The Shaw Group takes a claim prior to the application process, we greatly increase a person's chance of getting an early favorable decision from Social Security. If we get the claim on appeal, we have a higher than normal award rate as well. The key to winning your claim is to contact The Shaw Group as soon as possible.

Our superior win rate gives us “The Advantage.”