Social Security Disability Claims


Why Us?

While some law firms may represent people in disability claims, they also represent clients in dozens of other types of law. Shaw Management Corporation is highly specialized by representing people only in disability claims.

Disability Is Our Business - Our ONLY Business!

Specialization, whether in the medical field, construction field or legal field, means the company can give much better service than a company which spreads itself out into many areas.

When SMC represents a person we initiate all the proper forms and filing papers, request and obtain the medical and vocational evidence necessary to support our client's claim, and pursue the claim with a favorable decision as our only goal. In most cases, our clients never have to go to a local Social Security office.

In the event a client must go before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), our professional staff of attorney and non-attorney Hearing Representatives will provide expert representation for our clients. Each claim file receives: (1) expert review of all medical and vocational evidence; (2) a thorough review and case summary; (3) a pre-hearing brief written in support of a favorable decision; (4) a pre-hearing conference with the client to prepare him/her for the hearing experience; and, (5) personal representation at the hearing before the ALJ.

Our expertise and knowledge of the Social Security system has allowed us to have a superior win rate. We have been told that our win rate is the highest in the nation for a company of our size. One of the keys to our success is what we call "Early Intervention" - getting involved in the claim as early as possible - which allows us to win early in the process for our clients. That way our clients, in most case, can receive their benefits faster.

Mr. Shaw's Social Security experience has spanned 40 years, 25 of which he has dedicated to his company, The Shaw Group - Shaw Management Corporation located in Fairview Heights, Illinois, where he and his experienced staff help clients secure their Social Security Disability benefits. They have helped their clients in more than 4,000 cities in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

The things that set Shaw Management Corporation apart from the rest are:

Knowledge! Experience! Expertise! Winning Spirit!